A unique history

The history of St. Boniface Association illustrates the originality, diversity, common interests, goals and objectives that comprise it.

Established in December 1881 by pioneers settling in Geneva to promote the training of young people, these innovators came from German-speaking Switzerland and gathered in a Catholic parish.

The Jesuit community quietly joined and supported the group from the early twentieth century. This community grew secretly for over 60 years.

From 1989, the continuation of Jesuit management of the association was no longer possible. The residences for young men and women together with the management institution was entrusted to a secular team.

This was undoubtedly a turning point for the Association which now includes areas of very independent activities, but whose financial burdens are shared.

The German parish became a “Congregation” in 2007 and conducts its own meetings and structured association, both integrated and separate from the Centre Saint-Boniface, which welcomes students from around the world.