Long-term stay (LD) are available from 4 full months from September.

Prices are supplied for information only and subject to change.

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Residence A · small room (L.T.)

Surface: 10m2 furnished sink area

Monthly price

CHF 470.00

Residence A · middle room (L.T.)

Surface: 13m2 furnished

Tarif mensuel

CHF 600.00

Residence A · big room (L.T.)

Surface: 17m2 furnished

Monthly price

CHF 670.00

Residence A · studio (L.T.)

Surface: 30m2 furnished, private shower with toilet Kitchen

Monthly price

CHF 1050.00

Residence B · small room (L.T.)

Surface: 9m2 furnished Courtyard view

Monthly price

CHF 450.00

Residence B · middle room (L.T.)

Surface: 12m2 furnished, bed in alcove (room in L) WC adjacent

Monthly price

CHF 590.00

Residence B · Room with shower & WC (L.T.)

Surface: 17m2 furnished, private shower with toilet 2 windows

Monthly price

CHF 850.00

Residence B · Room with shower & balcony (L.T.)

Surface: 15m2 furnished, private shower without toilet (on floor) Small balcony

Monthly price

CHF 810.00
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